"novelty socks for women"

Novelty socks for womenWelcome to our world! — the world of funky, crazy and trendy foot sweaters for women and girls.

As new trends in fashion and culture develop, new sock trends follow suit. In recent years, an entirely new category of socks has been gaining in popularity and is here to stay: Novelty Socks for Women!

Silly, funky, bold, daring, happy, funny, wild — these are just a few of the words that have been used to describe socks in the novelty socks category. These unique socks are designed to lift your spirits and bring a smile to the face of someone that takes notice of your awesome socks. They are designed to be seen, for sure — but it is okay to keep your “bold self expression to yourself.

I recall a story about the famous Broadway impresario, Florenz Ziegfeld and the chorus girls from his spectacular Ziegfeld Follies. It is said Mr. Ziegfeld purchased expensive French lace langerie for the chorus line performers. He did it from the beginning when the show wasn’t making much money and wasn’t a sure bet to be a success. One day, Mr. Ziegfeld’s accountant  approached him and express concern over the extravagant expense. He suggested that cheaper garments be purchased. After all, he said, no one in the audience knew what kind of under garments the dancers are wearing. Mr. Ziegfeld, convinced that the langerie made the girls feel special, quipped that the girls knew the difference and that is what mattered. What is the moral of this story? Your inner happiness is yours to share–or not. You can be just as happy sporting your novelty socks beneath slacks or even while wearing boots.

Novelty socks are the easiest and certainly a cheap way of expressing your wild side. Almost exclusively worn by women and girls, the styles include all lengths from fashionable thigh highs, knee high socks, adorable ankle socks and low-cut and no-show designs. They come in a variety of colors, materials, ornament embellishments, funny phrases and characters, matched and mismatched pairs, and a host of patterns that will turn heads and evoke smiles.

Novelty socks can be split-toe or toeless. They can cover the heel or be heel-less. They come with button, critter ears, zippers and more. And you can browse and buy them right HERE.

Always popular, these socks make a great gift for women and girls of all ages. When seen, they easily draw attention to your outgoing personality and add flair to your outfit like no other fashion accessory can. Whether they are for you or a gift for a friend or family member, we’re confident you’ll find the right pair for any occasion.

So come on, and take a Walk on the Wild Side, by rewarding your feet, or someone else’s feet, with a treat of novelty socks.


Choose from a wide selection of styles, including novelty designs of the classic argyle socks and bobby socks

Find your inner happiness here and express it by wearing novelty socks. Now isn’t that a novel idea?

Check out the individual “categories” of novelty socks for women on the right hand side of this page or click the “Buy Novelty Socks” tab at the top of this page for more  information on the variety of styles and immediately access to your selection .

                                        Novelty Socks for Women

If you’re interested in information on how to accessorize your outfit with novelty socks, check our fashion articles here

Happy shopping!

"novelty socks for women and girls"
"novelty socks for women and girls"


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