The main purpose of these socks is to begin teaching children to dress themselves at an early age. Ez sox are for kids who may have some trouble putting on regular socks. They come in all sorts of fun colors and designs, and there are little hook straps that allow kids to slip them on with no trouble. They are the perfect training socks and they are easy for kids to slip it on themselves. They allow children to become more self-sufficient, more grown up, and probably begin to take more of an interest in what they wear every day.

Many of these socks come in dinosaur form or are shaped like pigs or cows. If a child has a particular favorite animal, how much fun would it be wearing that animal on your feet? There are many toddlers’ socks to choose from and the styles and colors are suitable for boys and girls.

Children are so rambunctious by nature. Having the right kind of protection will allow them to run and play safety without hurting their feet. These socks will keep their feet clean and will keep them from falling.
EZ socks can be washed and dried easily. These are high quality socks, and they are thick and durable. There are some varieties that have extra padding that will allow a toddler to walk outside in them without shoes on.

Moms and dads will be amazed at the short time frame that children will master putting on their own socks.

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seal skin socks, sealskinz, waterproof socks, seal socks

Why Seal Skin Socks?

If you love to spend time outdoors, especially if you love to go hiking or fishing, you have got to have novelty seal skin socks. These waterproof socks are great for all seasons and all weather conditions. The Seal Skinz brand of seal skin socks provides a high quality, durable, functional type of seal socks.

You will be amazed at how warm and dry and comfortable these remarkable seal skin socks keep your feet. Made of a DuPont nylon with a waterproof yet breathable material, the Seal Skinz socks could very well prove to be one of your most important purchases when gearing up for some serious hiking and some successful fishing in those hard to get to places. These socks work wonderfully well if you’re hiking through wet or swampy terrains, if you’re wearing hiking books or even durable sandals. Stay dry, stay comfortable, stay longer on your hiking or fishing trip.

Seal Skin Socks Advantages

Another important quality of seal socks is their precise and comfortable fit that keeps the sock close to your feet and helps prevent blisters or chafing. The high quality of the material as well as the construction of the seal socks assures a good fit with a sock that stays in place. These waterproof socks are specifically designed for your satisfaction and comfort.

With the proper care these socks are made to last a long time and retain their shape and fit. They can be hand-washed and air dried, or can be washed in the gentle cycle of your washing machine in cold water. Always allow them to air dry; never put them in the dryer. Be sure to roll them up in a dry towel to remove excess water, being careful never to wring or twist the socks.

One of the most popular styles of the Seal Skinz sock is the taller sock with a cuff. This style can block water from coming over the top of the even when you are walking through fairly deep water. You’ll be surprised at the tight seal that is formed to prevent water from entering the sock. Their advanced water proofing and three-layer membrane miraculously allow foot perspiration to escape and keep your feet dry while at the same time keeping water from the outside on the outside.  Another impressive innovation is the seamless design which helps make the sock flexible and even more comfortable.

If you are planning to be in especially cold temperatures for an extended period of time, choose the socks with water blockers. They have a third layer between the inner and outer fabric layers that will keep your feet dry and comfortable even in the harshest of conditions.

Keep in mind that seal skin socks are not made for swimming or any other type of sport or activity where the socks would be underwater for any extended period of time. They are also not to be used as a compression stocking or for any other type of medical use.

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Why not make it a Dog Breed Sock Day! It seems like almost everywhere you go these days you’re apt to see happy dogs with their happy owners taking good care of each other. Pets bring so much pleasure and so much enjoyment into our lives, and dogs seem to be at the top of the list of most favorite pets and trusty companions.

                                Dog Breed Socks — Flaunt Them!

So to show their love for the dogs and their loyalty to these pets who have a reputation for loyalty of their own, dog owners all over the world are letting everyone know just how much they love and appreciate these special pets. One of the most popular and fun ways to display a dog owner’s feelings about her pooch is when they are wearing dog breed socks. Today you are sure to find the perfect pair of socks that proudly display a rendition of your own special dog.

Whether your pooch pet is a muscular Mastiff, a petite Pomeranian or any dog in between, you’ll be able to find just the right pair of novelty socks with just the right image of your dog. Check out the cute Terrier, Beagle or Labrador socks available in a wide selection of colors and styles to complement your dog and also to complement your wardrobe. If your choice is a Yorkie, a Maltese or a Boxer, you’ll also find a variety of novelty socks to choose from. If your pet of choice is a Dachshund, you’ll find socks with a picture of his sweet little face at the top of the sock, and his sweet little paw prints at the bottom. And don’t forget the stylish Dalmatian socks with your bright and cheerful black and white dog on a background of vibrant red. All these cute and comfy dog socks come in crew length, roll down tops or slipper socks.

                                     Dog Breed Socks — They Rock!

Dog socks are all the rage these days for dog owners and dog lovers everywhere. Make sure you  are keeping up with this fun fashion trend of wearing stylish dog breed socks. Don’t forget that these socks are durable, easy to care for, and comfortable.

While you’re thinking about just the right socks for you to wear to let the world know how you feel about your pet, take a look around at all the cute and comfortable socks that are available for Fido, too. Keep your dog warm and comfortable when the weather is a little cold or a little wet by letting your dog wear a pair of these fashionable socks of his own. I don’t know if it’s necessary for your dog to wear a pair of socks with your likeness on them. But I do know you’ll love to display the likeness of your pet on your socks.

Go ahead. Check them out and let the fun begin.

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What Are Sockettes?

Sockettes, you say? Who knew socks could be so cool and so functional at the same time. Sockettes, a novelty sock also known as sock liners, are a must-have for the serious sports enthusiast who hikes the rugged trails, as well as for the casual hiker, jogger, a walk around the neighborhood and for other uses.  

Sockettes are great to keep the temperature of your feet just right. They fit snuggly against the foot and can be worn comfortable underneath a heavier sock. These special sock liners are made of a soft lightweight material that is knit in such a way as to lie flat against the foot. The close fit of these liner socks helps prevent blisters even on the most strenuous hikes. A comfortable ribbing helps to hold the sockette in place, and the special material helps to wick moisture away from the feet.

These unique sock liners come in a variety of materials from a soft wool blend to a silk blend of silk, nylon and lira. They are long-lasting and easy to care for. Remember that sockettes function in several ways. They prevent blisters, regulate the temperature of the feet and keep the feet dry. Since there is so supportive cushioning in these liner socks, they are best worn underneath a heavier, more supportive hiking sock.

Now for some fun and style, novelty sockettes are very versatile and come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Some of these styles are made to be worn with shoes with a little splash of color visible, making even “unseen” novelty socks fun to wear. They definitely provide and more comfortable fit no matter what type of shoe you are wearing.

Sockettes — Fashionable and Functionable

Another important need for sock liners is for those who wear a prosthesis. In this case it is essential for the sockette to fit comfortably and securely. They must provide comfort and also fit well enough to help keep the prosthesis in place. These types of liners are made to be worn below the knee and above the knee. Softer, more pliable liner socks are available today that have gel inserts and are more responsive to the natural action of the legs and feet. The newer lines and more contoured shapes also prevent blisters and are more gentle to the skin in general.

Whether you are looking for a sock liner to keep your feet comfortable and dry while hiking or jogging, you want a sockette to wear with you every day casual shoes, or you are in need of a comfortable and functional sock liner to be worn with a prosthesis, some type will definitely fit your needs.

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Gel socks and gel heel socks are a wonderful idea. Not only do they keep your feet cozy and comfortable, they also help keep them soft and smooth. You’ll be amazed at the healing properties in the heel comforting socks that add that extra healing quality of gel. That special quality is possible because of a special type of gel that is formulated with such ingredients as jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E. This soothing oil/gel combination can last as long as 50 washings. Gel-lined gel heel socks are perfect to keep healthy feet healthy and also perfect for healing feet that are dry and sore.
An important use of the special gel lining is for diabetic socks. Arthritic and diabetic socks are great for reducing friction and alleviating pressure on the foot and ankle. Abrasions, calluses and ulcerations can be greatly reduced when “cracked-heel” socks with the gel lining are worn. The soothing moisturizing socks make a big difference. These socks can also give extra support of the foot pad and can provide extra protection for the patient who is suffering from neuropathy of the foot.
One of the things that makes these socks so comfortable and healing is their ability to conform, exactly to the shape of the foot. This precise conformation provides that added support while it cushions and protects the foot. The cuff is made in such a way that it allows maximum circulation which is especially beneficial in diabetic socks, but also keeps its shape and doesn’t fall down. The toe of the sock is constructed in such a way that there is no pressure on the toes and therefore no abrasions. The diabetic gel socks are excellent when worn with diabetic shoes, but can also be worn with regular shoes.  Click the image below or here for more information.
Gel socks for cracked heels are also excellent for just every day regular use. They are a great way to pamper your feet any time. You’ll notice a difference in how smooth and soft your feet can be after just a short period of time wearing these gel socks. As you wear these socks, the healthy oils are naturally and thoroughly massage into your feet. These moisturizing socks fit snuggly enough that the feet are kept warm and the massaging oils penetrate more easily into the skin.
Can you imagine how much your feet will appreciate a wonderful at-home treatment? Start with a relaxing soak in a special foot bath with bubbling water and vibrating action. If you don’t have a foot bath like that, you can soak your feet in a basin filled with warm water, some Epsom salts, lavender and a few big marbles in the bottom to rolls your feet over for a special massage. Your next step could be a hot wax therapy. But even without that, your feet will love you when you slip them carefully into a pair of gel heel “lotioning” socks.
These socks are usually made of a cotton/spandex material that wicks the moisture away from the feet and also fits comfortably. The best care of these socks is to hand-wash them with a mild soap that will not remove the effective oil/gel ingredients. Remember not to dry them in the dryer, but let them air dry naturally to retain their healing effect.
Now, it’s time to treat your feet to the comfort of moisturizing gel socks. Click on the image below or here to browse and select the gel sock that suits your lifestyle needs.


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"novelty heel-less socks"

Who would have thought there were so many different styles and shapes and other choices available in socks these days? No longer do we have socks that are just socks– something you put on to protect your feet inside your shoes or something to put on when your feet are cold. No! Today there are socks for every occasion and activity you can imagine. There are socks to be worn with specific types of shoes or boots, socks that are to be worn with no shoes at all, socks for exercising and socks for lounging. Today we’re going to talk about no-heel socks. 
Socks without heels are useful in many situations. They are especially comfortable to wear to bed to keep your tootsies warm and comfortable without the foot feeling the constraints of a regular sock. Of course, the heel-less sock wears especially well because the heel is not there to wear out. Heel-less socks are very different from ordinary socks that just have a hole in the heel. These sock that are intentionally heel-less are much more comfortable because the fit is perfect and the feel is just right. Your feel will stay warmer and cozier when you wear heel less socks to bed.  See, take a look here.
Another great reason to choose no heel socks is for a better foot grip when you are participating in dance or exercise class. The feet still stay warm, which is very important to help you have a better practice session, but you are much less likely to slip. Choose from thigh, knee or ankle length. Many of these heel-less socks are made of a cotton/lyrca blend which helps the socks retain their shape and stay where they are put. They’re comfortable enough to make you forget you’re even wearing them, but supportive enough that the feel great. They’re washable, easy to care for and long lasting.
Some of the cutest and more fashionable socks are heel-less knee socks. These stylish socks are great for little and big girls alike. These knee high socks can also be worn as leg warmers. You can find them with pretty bows on the side and in a wide selection of colors and patterns and designs. The handy heel-less design helps the socks fit better inside cute stylish boots or shoes. You’re sure to find a pair that matches that cute new skirt or jumper. 
One particular variety of the women’s heel-less socks is made of a fine silk material that also makes them comfortable socks that wear and holds their shape well. These particular socks are resistant to shrinking and are fairly slip proof. They can be machine washed, but hand washing will help them last longer. Don’t forget that heel-less socks also come in a compression style hosiery that protects the legs and aids in better circulation. 
Heel less socks make perfect yoga socks, too. Comfortable and functional, yoga heel-less socks are available in a wide selection of styles and materials. An especially nice yoga sock is made from a lightweight wool blend yard that is light enough to enable you to feel the exercise mat. Don’t forget that these socks are not only functional and comfortable. They are also very cute, available in a variety of fun colors and patterns. 
If you choose handmade knitted or crocheted yoga socks or Pilates socks, they’ll probably need to be hand-washed and dried flat in order to retain their shape. But they come in such a wonderful variety of unique styles that you’ll be glad to give them the little bit of extra attention they deserve.
Merchant information and knitting instructions for novelty no-heel socks will be posted here soon. Thank you for your patience.
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Any time is a good time for toasty and comfy slipper socks. The best way to keep your body warm is to keep your head and your feet warm. If you feel a chill coming on, your might not really need that extra sweater or that long-sleeved shirt. You probably just need to put on your slipper socks. If you need to run outside to get the paper and you don’t want to put on your shoes, slip on your slipper socks. If you’ve been on your feet all day and need to sit down and relax for a while, make the relaxation complete when you put on a pair of soft and cuddly slipper socks. If you just need a little pick me up, put on a pair of fun and funky novelty slipper socks. Slipper socks are perfect for so many situations. 
Don’t forget to take your slipper socks along when you’re planning a day with friends at the ski lodge. Even if you don’t ski, you’ll look like a skier and be comfortable all day.



Some slipper socks are available with non skid grips on the bottom to help ensure your safety. Some non skid slipper socks even come with eye-catching patterned grips with fun messages or cute pictures. Another plus to some of these wonderful slipper socks is a foam insole to help your feet feel even more supported and comfortable with arch support. Some come with a water-proofing on the sock. Some just slip on; some even lace. Some have tassels and appliqués. Some can be handmade to your exact specifications. 
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"novelty half socks"
Who knew that there could be so many wonderful, stylish, colorful, fun, comfortable and functional socks available for women and girls to wear? All the choices give women an option to find just what they want, and just what they need to be more comfortable and confident no matter the activity they may be engaged in. Today there are socks for work, socks for play, socks to be worn alone, socks to be worn with shoes or with boots and even the novelty half sock worn with mules and clogs. 
One of the best styles to emerge from the traditional socks are these handy toe topper socks. These innovative socks provide a fashionable way for women and girls to stay comfortable, while wearing mules or clogs, by covering only the front half of the foot. You’ll look good; your feet will look good; and all the while your feet will be comfortable and securely protected. Half socks are made with a toe-cap styling to help protect your feet from any shoe irritation. The skid-proof grippers help ensure the socks will stay put. The material is soft and comfy and also has the addition of spandex which helps make the socks even better.
These toe socks, also known as clog socks, are machine washable and so easy to care for. They often come in a package of two or more pairs. You’ll want several pair. When you wear top topper socks, you’ll be stepping out in comfort as well as style.
Half socks are ,without a doubt, the very best socks for the summer months ahead. They are so comfortable to wear; stay firmly but comfortably fitted to the foot, and don’t even come off when you take your shoes off. They come in materials and fabrics that are so thin and light-weight that you won’t even know you’re wearing them. Half socks usually come in black and white. But if you like your feet to be dressed especially well, these handy novelty socks are also available in a variety of fashionable patterns, as you can see by clicking the image below.
Half socks are fun for your feet and are fashionably trendy today. Long gone are the days when socks were drab and colorless and unimaginative, and were made to be seen but not noticed. The feet of today have something to say, and your socks can help them do just that.  So check out our novelty socks for mules and clogs, by clicking the image below.  They will keep your feet discreetly comfortable and dry — even in hot weather.






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You’ll love novelty toeless socks. What a great idea for a lot of great occasions. These novelty socks without toes are sometimes called spa socks or pedicure socks – designed to keep your feet toaty warm while your toes are being pampered and love. They are also referred to as dance socks, pilates socks and yoga socks. They keep your feet warm while your toes are better able to stretch and grip. The popular “performance” version of toelss socks have soles that are slip resistence to help you maintain your balance and stability while in motion or holding a posture whether you’re on a the bare floor or mat. Other novelty toeless socks are just the right accessory for a super-heroine costume or those special pajamas that don’t have feet but just need a whimsical accessory.

The price is reasonable and the quality is tops with these innovative socks. Usually a cotton/polyester/spandex blend is used for socks without toes. A ribbed leg band keeps the socks in place. Spandex is added to keep the heel of the sock in place and prevent the sock itself from bunching up.
All five toes are comfortably separated so the area between the toes is less likely to cause friction or cause your toes to become irritated or blistered A double-layered welt band can help keep the socks in place and also provide a snug, comfortable fit. These toeless socks also come with a gentle arch support that has been shown to increase healthy circulation of the feet.
Toeless socks come in many different styles, materials and colors. How about some fashionable and trendy lace top toeless socks? Lacy crocheted toeless knee socks are all the fashion-forward rage when worn with open toed shoes. The stretchy white nylon lace stays in place and draws the eye downward to a cute black patent leather open toed pump. It’s an innocent yet provocative style and these whimsical socks complete the look.
Another great look for the toeless socks is the warm and cozy hand-crocheted sock.  The sky is the limit as far as color, design and style go for these ever-popular foot-hugging warmers. These socks are not only great when getting a little foot TLC, or participaing in physical activities, but they are also just the thing ,when it’s a little chilly, to keep your feet warm in bed and still give your toes wiggle room under those covers.
Remember to take good care of these hand-crafted socks. They’ll probably need to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Don’t put them in the dryer or your new knitted socks might soon be the right size for the baby. And by the way, you’ll find toeless sock that can be purchased in just the right size for babies, toddlers and young children too.
Novelty toeless socks make the perfect gift for you, a friend or family member.

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  " novelty no-show socks"

Novelty low cut socks, also referred to as no-show socks or footies were originally designed to allow the wearer the comfort of wearing socks while wearing shoes that looked better without socks. In the fifties, young girls who were not yet old enough to wear hosiery with flats, had the option of wear sheer footies that lined the inside of the shoe just below the edge. These hosiery footies are in a category of their own now. The most popular example today of wearing the no-show sock may be  pairing them with athletic shoes or sneakers.

Low cut socks are designed to cover just the feet. They typically end just below the ankle and are not intended to extend above the top edge of the shoe. Today, these short socks are designed in different thicknesses, colors and patterns for different tastes and purposes. For example, no show socks designed for sports are typically thicker than other types of socks. They have reinforced toes and heels to withstand more wear. In addition, the area directly behind the ankle may have a little extra padding to prevent shoes from rubbling the ankles and causing blisters. The no show sport socks generally come in plainer colors such as black, white or grey. The little footie tend to be made of thin, hosiery type material and can make wearing heels or flats a lot more comfortable if one opts out of wearing panty hose.  

Another type of no show socks are those designed for fashion and worn for fun — novelty no-show socks. That's what we feature here at Foot Sweaters.

Novelty no show socks come in a variety of bold colors and patterns, making them trendy and fun to wear with or without shoes. Many women and girls wear them as slippers since they fit snuggly and keep the feet warm. 

You can hide these fun, flirty and sporty socks or flaunt them. It's up to you. Start by clicking on the image below, and browse through a trendy selection of novelty no-show socks. You'll love them. 









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