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Flip flop socks are one style of split – toe socks in the novelty sock category. They are designed to be worn with flip flop (thong) sandals. They are constructed with a pocket that separates the big toe from the other toes. This design allows flip flops to be worn comfortably with socks. This is a great benefit for aficianodos of flip flop sandals because they can continue to wear their favorite sandals and keep their feet warm even in cooler or cold weather. It also saves the wear and tear on regular socks that get stretched out of shape and are uncomfortable when paired with flip flop sandals.

Although we consider these socks novelties,  the wearing of split-toe socks are a cultural tradition in  other countries. They are worn with sandals in India. In Japan, they are called tabi socks and are an essential accessory with the kimono. However, because of historical tradition in these countries, you're not likely find the many styles and colors that are available in this country and here at Foot Sweaters.

Whether you're relaxing at the beach, walking through the mall or just lounging at home, flip flop socks are a comfortable way to keep your feet warm while looking great.These toe socks are playful and are a great accent to a casual outfit.  Just think, with flip flop socks and sandals, shoe laces could become a thing of the past!

Now that you know all about this novelty sock, go ahead and get a pair for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member. They come in many colors and patterns including famous cartoon characters. You can choose from novelty patterns like ruby red slippers, high top sneakers and a unique design that makes your toes look like they were treated to a fancy peticure. Click the image below to browse and buy the perfect pair of flip flop socks.









  "novelty argyle socks"

Although there are various stories about the origin of argyle socks, it is generally agreed they showed up around 1500 as the footwear of the Scottish clan of Campbell in the town of Argyll in Scotland. The clan's colors, originally represented in their kilts and footwear, were green and white. By the late 1700's, these socks were being commecially produced and the pattern was dubbed "argyle."  

The argyle pattern consists of three layers. The background layer is a solid color. The next layer consists of varying colors and diamond shapes. The final top layer is simply the outline of these diamond shapes overlapping the secon layer at its mid-point.

The argyle design has been used on various types of clothing for hundreds of years, and was popularized on socks by golfers many years ago. Argyle socks have come in and out of style over the years as fashions have changed. These socks are currently experiencing a big surge in popularity again. People like the elegant design for both casual and professional situations which make argyles a versatile choice. Additionally, these diamond pattern socks are a great choice for your sock wardrobe because they can be easily coordinated with just about any outfit. 

Today these socks can be found in any combination of two or more colors. You can find them here in subdued pastel colors or with a trendy novelty twist which includes bold colors and sometimes added decorative trim. Argyle socks are worn by just about everybody–young, old, male, female, teenage, children and infants.

These stylish, multi-color, argyle designed novelty socks will give you that extra punch of color and casual look without compromising comfort and quality

Take a moment and click on the image below to browse the selection of argyle socks for women and girls.. Get a variety of different colors to ensure you'll always have the exact socks you need, from knee-high length to the traditional ribbed argyle socks.









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  "novelty socks for women and girls"


novelty bobby socks for women and girls

Bobby socks are ankle-length socks, originally designed to be worn by  women and girls. They were especially popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s; however, the term “bobby socks” appears to be dated around 1927. This coincides with the time it became fashionable for women to display their ankles. The “bobby” in “bobby socks” is a bit baffling and there are several explanation for the origin of the name. Some researchers suggest it may be related to the “bobby pin” which was in vogue during the same period. Another explanation of the origin suggests that originally longer socks were “bobbed” or shortened, by their wearers to make “bobby socks.” Hence, manufacturers began designing the tops of the socks to form a cuff around the ankle as a way to draw attention to the ankle. Believe it or not, this revolutionized the way socks were worn.

These short socks come in and out of style, periodically, for everyday wear, but they are always popular with women and girls who love their comfort.

Bobby socks were traditionally white, ankle-length socks, most often made from cotton. Although women and girls alike wore them, specifically teenage girls made them a fashion statement by wearing them with penny loafers and saddle shoes. At the time, teenage girls looked upon ruffled socks or lace-trimmed ankle  socks with disdain and considered them childish.

What a difference a few decades make! Today, the tops of  these cute socks are designed to fold down to showcase decorative materials such as lace, ruffles and pom poms. And it is not uncommon to see a bow or similar ornament on the back of the socks.

Novelty bobby socks continue to make an impact in the world of fashion today. They can add an unexpected punch of color and whimsy to an outfit, particularly when paired with T-strap heels or platform sandals.

No matter what decoration you like on your socks, they are a cool, fun and fashionable way to add variety to your sock wardrobe. Whether you are just wearing them casually around the house or when you’re going out on the town, sock lovers, like you, will find a reason to choose one pair, or more, from the collection of novelty bobby socks offered here. Click the image below to browse and buy.


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novelty toe socks

Fabulous, funky and fun! These terms definately describe this category of novelty socks for women and girls. These socks, also referred to as toe socks or split-toe socks, are constructed with individual compartments for each toe. The design can be compared to that of a glove fitting a hand.

The five-toe construction allows for proper toe alignment, increased toe flexibility and better balance and control of foot movements. Finger socks stretch the toes apart slightly with two layers of sock material from one side of the pocket the toe is in and one side of the pocket for the toe next to it. Many women and girls, who wear these socks all the time, say wearing them mimicks being barefooted because the toes can move more freely than in traditional single-pocket socks. Many yoga and Pilates exercise enthusiasts have created a new trend by wearing a style of finger socks with non-skid soles in class.

Because of the unique design of five finger socks, those made with heavier material provide extra warmth in the cold winter months when extra warmth may be needed. Also, if you are plagued with clammy feet,five-finger socks eliminate sweat that would otherwise stay between the toes as condensation by wicking it away into the sock material. This makes for drier feet compared to regular socks. Finger socks can also be worn with flip flops and other sandals without being uncomfortable.

If you’re a traditional sock wearer and want to try something different or give a unique gift, check out this selection of wild prints and pattern and amazing colors and see why these silly novelty socks are so popular with women and girls of all ages. Just click on the images below to browse and choose your favorite pair.

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History of Thigh High Socks

Socks are a clothing item almost everyone owns. Most people have a drawer or two filled with them. Socks are often taken for granted, but they have a long history. Here’s a little history about the origin of novelty thigh high socks. Originally, socks were created from animal skins. Often the fur was left on the hide to keep the feet warmer. Long strips of leather was sometimes wrapped around the feet and over the knee to create a sock instead. Some of these ancient socks have survived and can be seen in museums.

It was difficult to make socks in ancient times. Only people who were wealthy could afford them. The nobles loved wearing fancy socks. They were sewn from fabric by hand. Since men wore knee britches, over the knee socks were popular. Women wore thigh socks for modesty. By the 1600s, a knitting machine was invented. This meant socks could be manufactured faster. It also began to make them more affordable. Bottom line, less expensive socks could be purchased by people with lower incomes.
Eventually all kinds of high socks or over- the knee-socks, as they were sometimes called, were being made by manufacturers. They were made out of silk, wool and cotton. Today,  fashion socks are made out of an assortment of materials or blends that are man-made as well as natural fabrics. Socks also include spandex to help them stretch and fit better.

Rock Your Outfit in Thigh High Socks

thigh high socks
Novelty thigh high socks for women and girls are made in a large variety of colors and designs.
Thigh high socks are great to stay warm. They are also a fantastic fashion statement. Try wearing these tall socks with different lengths of boots. These long socks can also be worn with short skirts and shorts. Above the knee socks are a fantastic way to add style to clothes you already have in your closet. Wear thigh high socks with a long tunic and leggings, for a trendy layer look.
Browse this selection and choose from the bold colors and zany patterns of novelty thigh high socks for women and girls. Check out the deep purple, bright orange, crimson red, bright green, and hot pink combined with deep black stripes or more subdued background colors like periwinkle, neutral white, medium pink and turquoise In addition, you’ll find an array of unique patterns ranging from skull and crossbones to peace signs. Fabric content is a combination of elastane and polyester. These socks are available in one size fits most.
For a hot date, colorful heart-shape designed socks may be the ticket. Large heart-shapes in a wide variety of colors cover these socks from the ankles to the top cuff. They are available in one size fits most. Fabric content is a combination of elastane and polyester.
Color yourself stylish in the flirty, fun and fantastic colors of  novelty thigh high socks for women and girls.
 Just click, browse and buy at the images below.

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knee high socksknee high socks


The History of Knee High Socks

While most would never guess,knee high socks for women and girls have been around for ages. The trend is evidenced as far back as the days of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Roman women would bind pieces of cloth around their feet and calves, using straps made of leather material to keep them up, in an effort to keep them warm. The socks remained an excellent way to block the elements from that time forward, but they gained new popularity in United States during the Roaring 20’s. It was during this time of rich prosperity that many fashion trends emerged including knee high socks as a fashion accessory. While they did lose popularity for a couple of decades, they came back into fashion during the 1960’s with flair. During this time of rebellion, fashion trends began to become more extreme, and women and girls added novelty knee high socks to outfits to add sex appeal. So a trend that began as a method to keep warm and serve as protection from the elements has evolved into a way to express oneself through fashion.
Many different materials are used to create knee high socks for women and girls to accommodate any fashion. Silk knee high socks are very popular for their insulating qualities and lightweight features. Although they are more prone to rips and tears, they provide a comfortable way to stay warm and be fashionable. Nylon is far more durable, but many feel that the material lacks aesthetic value. However, when added to cotton, nylon can be beneficial in adding durability. Perhaps the most common material used, cotton has many variables that can alter the final texture and comfort level and can be found on the labels of most knee high socks.

Rock Your Outfit in Knee High Socks

As previously noted, knee high socks are primarily used today as a fashion statement resulting in a large variety of novelty knee high socks from which to choose. A very common and popular novelty type that continues to trend is knee high socks for Emos. Emos, also known as Gothic, tend to dress in dark colors, wear heavy black makeup and wear knee high socks. These socks generally carry designs such as skull and bones and other generally dark symbols and designs. On the brighter and more “mainstream” side other novelty knee high socksinclude brighter colors with many designs, patterns, textures and trims from which to choose.
Novelty knee highs for girls can be the perfect accessory. Many Catholic schools require girls to wear a skirt and long socks to complete the outfit. It is also common for knee high socks to be worn by girls who play softball and soccer. Transparent knee highs add a nice touch to almost any short summer dress or skirt. With a variety of colors to choose from, it is not difficult to match nearly any outfit with a corresponding pair. They are very adaptable and can be matched up with high heels, tennis shoes, flats or even sandals and look just as cute in every way.
Knee highs have been around for centuries, standing the test of time. Serving different purposes, they have proven their worth both in the world of fashion as well as necessity. Considering their versatility, knee high socks for women and girls are sure to remain a fashion trend far into the future, making them a good investment for any woman or girl’s wardrobe.
Here’s a neat trick. Add lace toppers to your knee high socks for a feminine touch.









Check out the selection of fashion socks to add to your sock wardrobe or buy a special gift for a friend or family member.
With the wide variety of colors, styles and patterns of novelty knee high socks to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your fashion style. Click the images below:










knee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socks









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"mismatched socks for girls"

Mismatched Socks — The Beginning

A fun and unique fashion trend which has been growing in popularity over the last years for girls and women of all ages is wearing mismatched socks. It began with girls simply choosing one sock from two different pairs to create a new set and has since grown in popularity to the point where socks are actually, designed, manufactured and sold this way as novelty socks. In fact, some mismatched socks are sold with three unique socks in a package– one pair with one to spare.

Wearing mismatched socks is very popular among tweens and -pre-tweens, but they are being worn by girls and women of all ages for certain events. It is a fun way to diversify your look, evoke smiles and maybe prompt a laugh or two. A current fad among girls that are friends is to buy similar mismatched socks and then trade or borrow  one sock with someone in the group to mix and match even more.

While these colorful socks don’t directly match, they do compliment each other in a fun and unique way. Mixing and matching socks, for many wearers, is half the fun of wearing these silly socks.

These awesome socks are made to work together as a pair but not look exactly the same. They often continue a train of thought from one sock to the other or finish a design. Mismatched socks are carzy socks. They are cute sock. But most of all, they are fun to wear.

Dare To Wear Mismatched Socks

Foot Sweaters provides you with links where you can browse and choose from bold, funky and zany colors and novelty themes to create your own personal fashion statement with socks that rock. Choosing socks like this can be as simple as combining one purple and one pink sock  or one sock featuring a cat and the other featuring a dog for an eye-catching and creative look.

Forget the boring and basic and get in on the fun!

Take some time to browse Foot Sweater’s selection of novelty mismatched socks. You’ll be a hit with that special little lady in your life when you present her with a gift of these colorful socks. Click the image below:






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"novelty socks for women and girls"
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