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Although there are various stories about the origin of argyle socks, it is generally agreed they showed up around 1500 as the footwear of the Scottish clan of Campbell in the town of Argyll in Scotland. The clan's colors, originally represented in their kilts and footwear, were green and white. By the late 1700's, these socks were being commecially produced and the pattern was dubbed "argyle."  

The argyle pattern consists of three layers. The background layer is a solid color. The next layer consists of varying colors and diamond shapes. The final top layer is simply the outline of these diamond shapes overlapping the secon layer at its mid-point.

The argyle design has been used on various types of clothing for hundreds of years, and was popularized on socks by golfers many years ago. Argyle socks have come in and out of style over the years as fashions have changed. These socks are currently experiencing a big surge in popularity again. People like the elegant design for both casual and professional situations which make argyles a versatile choice. Additionally, these diamond pattern socks are a great choice for your sock wardrobe because they can be easily coordinated with just about any outfit. 

Today these socks can be found in any combination of two or more colors. You can find them here in subdued pastel colors or with a trendy novelty twist which includes bold colors and sometimes added decorative trim. Argyle socks are worn by just about everybody–young, old, male, female, teenage, children and infants.

These stylish, multi-color, argyle designed novelty socks will give you that extra punch of color and casual look without compromising comfort and quality

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