novelty bobby socks for women and girls

Bobby socks are ankle-length socks, originally designed to be worn by  women and girls. They were especially popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s; however, the term “bobby socks” appears to be dated around 1927. This coincides with the time it became fashionable for women to display their ankles. The “bobby” in “bobby socks” is a bit baffling and there are several explanation for the origin of the name. Some researchers suggest it may be related to the “bobby pin” which was in vogue during the same period. Another explanation of the origin suggests that originally longer socks were “bobbed” or shortened, by their wearers to make “bobby socks.” Hence, manufacturers began designing the tops of the socks to form a cuff around the ankle as a way to draw attention to the ankle. Believe it or not, this revolutionized the way socks were worn.

These short socks come in and out of style, periodically, for everyday wear, but they are always popular with women and girls who love their comfort.

Bobby socks were traditionally white, ankle-length socks, most often made from cotton. Although women and girls alike wore them, specifically teenage girls made them a fashion statement by wearing them with penny loafers and saddle shoes. At the time, teenage girls looked upon ruffled socks or lace-trimmed ankle  socks with disdain and considered them childish.

What a difference a few decades make! Today, the tops of  these cute socks are designed to fold down to showcase decorative materials such as lace, ruffles and pom poms. And it is not uncommon to see a bow or similar ornament on the back of the socks.

Novelty bobby socks continue to make an impact in the world of fashion today. They can add an unexpected punch of color and whimsy to an outfit, particularly when paired with T-strap heels or platform sandals.

No matter what decoration you like on your socks, they are a cool, fun and fashionable way to add variety to your sock wardrobe. Whether you are just wearing them casually around the house or when you’re going out on the town, sock lovers, like you, will find a reason to choose one pair, or more, from the collection of novelty bobby socks offered here. Click the image below to browse and buy.


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