novelty toe socks

Fabulous, funky and fun! These terms definately describe this category of novelty socks for women and girls. These socks, also referred to as toe socks or split-toe socks, are constructed with individual compartments for each toe. The design can be compared to that of a glove fitting a hand.

The five-toe construction allows for proper toe alignment, increased toe flexibility and better balance and control of foot movements. Finger socks stretch the toes apart slightly with two layers of sock material from one side of the pocket the toe is in and one side of the pocket for the toe next to it. Many women and girls, who wear these socks all the time, say wearing them mimicks being barefooted because the toes can move more freely than in traditional single-pocket socks. Many yoga and Pilates exercise enthusiasts have created a new trend by wearing a style of finger socks with non-skid soles in class.

Because of the unique design of five finger socks, those made with heavier material provide extra warmth in the cold winter months when extra warmth may be needed. Also, if you are plagued with clammy feet,five-finger socks eliminate sweat that would otherwise stay between the toes as condensation by wicking it away into the sock material. This makes for drier feet compared to regular socks. Finger socks can also be worn with flip flops and other sandals without being uncomfortable.

If you’re a traditional sock wearer and want to try something different or give a unique gift, check out this selection of wild prints and pattern and amazing colors and see why these silly novelty socks are so popular with women and girls of all ages. Just click on the images below to browse and choose your favorite pair.

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