women and girls novelty flip flop socks

Flip flop socks are one style of split – toe socks in the novelty sock category. They are designed to be worn with flip flop (thong) sandals. They are constructed with a pocket that separates the big toe from the other toes. This design allows flip flops to be worn comfortably with socks. This is a great benefit for aficianodos of flip flop sandals because they can continue to wear their favorite sandals and keep their feet warm even in cooler or cold weather. It also saves the wear and tear on regular socks that get stretched out of shape and are uncomfortable when paired with flip flop sandals.

Although we consider these socks novelties,  the wearing of split-toe socks are a cultural tradition in  other countries. They are worn with sandals in India. In Japan, they are called tabi socks and are an essential accessory with the kimono. However, because of historical tradition in these countries, you're not likely find the many styles and colors that are available in this country and here at Foot Sweaters.

Whether you're relaxing at the beach, walking through the mall or just lounging at home, flip flop socks are a comfortable way to keep your feet warm while looking great.These toe socks are playful and are a great accent to a casual outfit.  Just think, with flip flop socks and sandals, shoe laces could become a thing of the past!

Now that you know all about this novelty sock, go ahead and get a pair for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member. They come in many colors and patterns including famous cartoon characters. You can choose from novelty patterns like ruby red slippers, high top sneakers and a unique design that makes your toes look like they were treated to a fancy peticure. Click the image below to browse and buy the perfect pair of flip flop socks.