Gel socks and gel heel socks are a wonderful idea. Not only do they keep your feet cozy and comfortable, they also help keep them soft and smooth. You’ll be amazed at the healing properties in the heel comforting socks that add that extra healing quality of gel. That special quality is possible because of a special type of gel that is formulated with such ingredients as jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E. This soothing oil/gel combination can last as long as 50 washings. Gel-lined gel heel socks are perfect to keep healthy feet healthy and also perfect for healing feet that are dry and sore.
An important use of the special gel lining is for diabetic socks. Arthritic and diabetic socks are great for reducing friction and alleviating pressure on the foot and ankle. Abrasions, calluses and ulcerations can be greatly reduced when “cracked-heel” socks with the gel lining are worn. The soothing moisturizing socks make a big difference. These socks can also give extra support of the foot pad and can provide extra protection for the patient who is suffering from neuropathy of the foot.
One of the things that makes these socks so comfortable and healing is their ability to conform, exactly to the shape of the foot. This precise conformation provides that added support while it cushions and protects the foot. The cuff is made in such a way that it allows maximum circulation which is especially beneficial in diabetic socks, but also keeps its shape and doesn’t fall down. The toe of the sock is constructed in such a way that there is no pressure on the toes and therefore no abrasions. The diabetic gel socks are excellent when worn with diabetic shoes, but can also be worn with regular shoes.  Click the image below or here for more information.
Gel socks for cracked heels are also excellent for just every day regular use. They are a great way to pamper your feet any time. You’ll notice a difference in how smooth and soft your feet can be after just a short period of time wearing these gel socks. As you wear these socks, the healthy oils are naturally and thoroughly massage into your feet. These moisturizing socks fit snuggly enough that the feet are kept warm and the massaging oils penetrate more easily into the skin.
Can you imagine how much your feet will appreciate a wonderful at-home treatment? Start with a relaxing soak in a special foot bath with bubbling water and vibrating action. If you don’t have a foot bath like that, you can soak your feet in a basin filled with warm water, some Epsom salts, lavender and a few big marbles in the bottom to rolls your feet over for a special massage. Your next step could be a hot wax therapy. But even without that, your feet will love you when you slip them carefully into a pair of gel heel “lotioning” socks.
These socks are usually made of a cotton/spandex material that wicks the moisture away from the feet and also fits comfortably. The best care of these socks is to hand-wash them with a mild soap that will not remove the effective oil/gel ingredients. Remember not to dry them in the dryer, but let them air dry naturally to retain their healing effect.
Now, it’s time to treat your feet to the comfort of moisturizing gel socks. Click on the image below or here to browse and select the gel sock that suits your lifestyle needs.


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