Knee high socks may be a fad with generation Y to make a fashion statement. Adults seem to be uncomfortable wearing them and consider it inappropriate for day to day use. Some people have pre conceived notions about knee high socks and consider them as girlie stuff. Very few are aware that knee socks, if used with the right combination of outfit, can have a potential to be a wonderful, sensuous and beautiful accessory, which is also reasonably priced and is comfy on the body.

One can be wonderstruck at the way they are constructed, using varied supplies, designs and styles. They can be found anywhere from malls to the websites. The varied kinds of styles in different ranges like shapes, floral, spiral or stripped knee high socks will allow a woman or girl actually enjoy the socks she’s wearing.

This contemporary wonderful fashion accessory has made a huge come back as reflected in the fashion magazines. If you are a fashion aficionado you will be thrilled to spot your favorite celebrities or stars donning knee high socks elegantly and with style to just make the right impact and be the cynosure of all eyes..

Women who are inclined to make a style statement and display more of their feminine side may opt for knee high socks. Be advised it is important to first choose your outfit and then match your knee high socks so that they complement each other. There should be a perfect co-ordination between your outfit, or may be your mini skirt or hot pants and the foot wear and accessories you adorn to make a compelling style statement. Socks with warm and vibrant colors like flaming red, electric blue or bright yellow make a striking match if your outfit is white or black color. Matching strong dark colors with light dull colors can make a heavenly contrast and looks lovely. You may seek advice from someone who has a color matching sense if you have doubts on your choice of colors. Girls and women who enjoy drawing attention to their sexy legs, the knee high socks would be the right accessory to get the job done.

knee high socksknee high socks


The History of Knee High Socks

While most would never guess,knee high socks for women and girls have been around for ages. The trend is evidenced as far back as the days of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Roman women would bind pieces of cloth around their feet and calves, using straps made of leather material to keep them up, in an effort to keep them warm. The socks remained an excellent way to block the elements from that time forward, but they gained new popularity in United States during the Roaring 20’s. It was during this time of rich prosperity that many fashion trends emerged including knee high socks as a fashion accessory. While they did lose popularity for a couple of decades, they came back into fashion during the 1960’s with flair. During this time of rebellion, fashion trends began to become more extreme, and women and girls added novelty knee high socks to outfits to add sex appeal. So a trend that began as a method to keep warm and serve as protection from the elements has evolved into a way to express oneself through fashion.
Many different materials are used to create knee high socks for women and girls to accommodate any fashion. Silk knee high socks are very popular for their insulating qualities and lightweight features. Although they are more prone to rips and tears, they provide a comfortable way to stay warm and be fashionable. Nylon is far more durable, but many feel that the material lacks aesthetic value. However, when added to cotton, nylon can be beneficial in adding durability. Perhaps the most common material used, cotton has many variables that can alter the final texture and comfort level and can be found on the labels of most knee high socks.

Rock Your Outfit in Knee High Socks

As previously noted, knee high socks are primarily used today as a fashion statement resulting in a large variety of novelty knee high socks from which to choose. A very common and popular novelty type that continues to trend is knee high socks for Emos. Emos, also known as Gothic, tend to dress in dark colors, wear heavy black makeup and wear knee high socks. These socks generally carry designs such as skull and bones and other generally dark symbols and designs. On the brighter and more “mainstream” side other novelty knee high socksinclude brighter colors with many designs, patterns, textures and trims from which to choose.
Novelty knee highs for girls can be the perfect accessory. Many Catholic schools require girls to wear a skirt and long socks to complete the outfit. It is also common for knee high socks to be worn by girls who play softball and soccer. Transparent knee highs add a nice touch to almost any short summer dress or skirt. With a variety of colors to choose from, it is not difficult to match nearly any outfit with a corresponding pair. They are very adaptable and can be matched up with high heels, tennis shoes, flats or even sandals and look just as cute in every way.
Knee highs have been around for centuries, standing the test of time. Serving different purposes, they have proven their worth both in the world of fashion as well as necessity. Considering their versatility, knee high socks for women and girls are sure to remain a fashion trend far into the future, making them a good investment for any woman or girl’s wardrobe.
Here’s a neat trick. Add lace toppers to your knee high socks for a feminine touch.









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knee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socksknee high socks









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