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Novelty low cut socks, also referred to as no-show socks or footies were originally designed to allow the wearer the comfort of wearing socks while wearing shoes that looked better without socks. In the fifties, young girls who were not yet old enough to wear hosiery with flats, had the option of wear sheer footies that lined the inside of the shoe just below the edge. These hosiery footies are in a category of their own now. The most popular example today of wearing the no-show sock may be  pairing them with athletic shoes or sneakers.

Low cut socks are designed to cover just the feet. They typically end just below the ankle and are not intended to extend above the top edge of the shoe. Today, these short socks are designed in different thicknesses, colors and patterns for different tastes and purposes. For example, no show socks designed for sports are typically thicker than other types of socks. They have reinforced toes and heels to withstand more wear. In addition, the area directly behind the ankle may have a little extra padding to prevent shoes from rubbling the ankles and causing blisters. The no show sport socks generally come in plainer colors such as black, white or grey. The little footie tend to be made of thin, hosiery type material and can make wearing heels or flats a lot more comfortable if one opts out of wearing panty hose.  

Another type of no show socks are those designed for fashion and worn for fun — novelty no-show socks. That's what we feature here at Foot Sweaters.

Novelty no show socks come in a variety of bold colors and patterns, making them trendy and fun to wear with or without shoes. Many women and girls wear them as slippers since they fit snuggly and keep the feet warm. 

You can hide these fun, flirty and sporty socks or flaunt them. It's up to you. Start by clicking on the image below, and browse through a trendy selection of novelty no-show socks. You'll love them. 









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