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Who would have thought there were so many different styles and shapes and other choices available in socks these days? No longer do we have socks that are just socks– something you put on to protect your feet inside your shoes or something to put on when your feet are cold. No! Today there are socks for every occasion and activity you can imagine. There are socks to be worn with specific types of shoes or boots, socks that are to be worn with no shoes at all, socks for exercising and socks for lounging. Today we’re going to talk about no-heel socks. 
Socks without heels are useful in many situations. They are especially comfortable to wear to bed to keep your tootsies warm and comfortable without the foot feeling the constraints of a regular sock. Of course, the heel-less sock wears especially well because the heel is not there to wear out. Heel-less socks are very different from ordinary socks that just have a hole in the heel. These sock that are intentionally heel-less are much more comfortable because the fit is perfect and the feel is just right. Your feel will stay warmer and cozier when you wear heel less socks to bed.  See, take a look here.
Another great reason to choose no heel socks is for a better foot grip when you are participating in dance or exercise class. The feet still stay warm, which is very important to help you have a better practice session, but you are much less likely to slip. Choose from thigh, knee or ankle length. Many of these heel-less socks are made of a cotton/lyrca blend which helps the socks retain their shape and stay where they are put. They’re comfortable enough to make you forget you’re even wearing them, but supportive enough that the feel great. They’re washable, easy to care for and long lasting.
Some of the cutest and more fashionable socks are heel-less knee socks. These stylish socks are great for little and big girls alike. These knee high socks can also be worn as leg warmers. You can find them with pretty bows on the side and in a wide selection of colors and patterns and designs. The handy heel-less design helps the socks fit better inside cute stylish boots or shoes. You’re sure to find a pair that matches that cute new skirt or jumper. 
One particular variety of the women’s heel-less socks is made of a fine silk material that also makes them comfortable socks that wear and holds their shape well. These particular socks are resistant to shrinking and are fairly slip proof. They can be machine washed, but hand washing will help them last longer. Don’t forget that heel-less socks also come in a compression style hosiery that protects the legs and aids in better circulation. 
Heel less socks make perfect yoga socks, too. Comfortable and functional, yoga heel-less socks are available in a wide selection of styles and materials. An especially nice yoga sock is made from a lightweight wool blend yard that is light enough to enable you to feel the exercise mat. Don’t forget that these socks are not only functional and comfortable. They are also very cute, available in a variety of fun colors and patterns. 
If you choose handmade knitted or crocheted yoga socks or Pilates socks, they’ll probably need to be hand-washed and dried flat in order to retain their shape. But they come in such a wonderful variety of unique styles that you’ll be glad to give them the little bit of extra attention they deserve.
Merchant information and knitting instructions for novelty no-heel socks will be posted here soon. Thank you for your patience.
"heel-less socks for women"
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