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What Are Sockettes?

Sockettes, you say? Who knew socks could be so cool and so functional at the same time. Sockettes, a novelty sock also known as sock liners, are a must-have for the serious sports enthusiast who hikes the rugged trails, as well as for the casual hiker, jogger, a walk around the neighborhood and for other uses.  

Sockettes are great to keep the temperature of your feet just right. They fit snuggly against the foot and can be worn comfortable underneath a heavier sock. These special sock liners are made of a soft lightweight material that is knit in such a way as to lie flat against the foot. The close fit of these liner socks helps prevent blisters even on the most strenuous hikes. A comfortable ribbing helps to hold the sockette in place, and the special material helps to wick moisture away from the feet.

These unique sock liners come in a variety of materials from a soft wool blend to a silk blend of silk, nylon and lira. They are long-lasting and easy to care for. Remember that sockettes function in several ways. They prevent blisters, regulate the temperature of the feet and keep the feet dry. Since there is so supportive cushioning in these liner socks, they are best worn underneath a heavier, more supportive hiking sock.

Now for some fun and style, novelty sockettes are very versatile and come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Some of these styles are made to be worn with shoes with a little splash of color visible, making even “unseen” novelty socks fun to wear. They definitely provide and more comfortable fit no matter what type of shoe you are wearing.

Sockettes — Fashionable and Functionable

Another important need for sock liners is for those who wear a prosthesis. In this case it is essential for the sockette to fit comfortably and securely. They must provide comfort and also fit well enough to help keep the prosthesis in place. These types of liners are made to be worn below the knee and above the knee. Softer, more pliable liner socks are available today that have gel inserts and are more responsive to the natural action of the legs and feet. The newer lines and more contoured shapes also prevent blisters and are more gentle to the skin in general.

Whether you are looking for a sock liner to keep your feet comfortable and dry while hiking or jogging, you want a sockette to wear with you every day casual shoes, or you are in need of a comfortable and functional sock liner to be worn with a prosthesis, some type will definitely fit your needs.

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