History of Thigh High Socks

Socks are a clothing item almost everyone owns. Most people have a drawer or two filled with them. Socks are often taken for granted, but they have a long history. Here’s a little history about the origin of novelty thigh high socks. Originally, socks were created from animal skins. Often the fur was left on the hide to keep the feet warmer. Long strips of leather was sometimes wrapped around the feet and over the knee to create a sock instead. Some of these ancient socks have survived and can be seen in museums.

It was difficult to make socks in ancient times. Only people who were wealthy could afford them. The nobles loved wearing fancy socks. They were sewn from fabric by hand. Since men wore knee britches, over the knee socks were popular. Women wore thigh socks for modesty. By the 1600s, a knitting machine was invented. This meant socks could be manufactured faster. It also began to make them more affordable. Bottom line, less expensive socks could be purchased by people with lower incomes.
Eventually all kinds of high socks or over- the knee-socks, as they were sometimes called, were being made by manufacturers. They were made out of silk, wool and cotton. Today,  fashion socks are made out of an assortment of materials or blends that are man-made as well as natural fabrics. Socks also include spandex to help them stretch and fit better.

Rock Your Outfit in Thigh High Socks

thigh high socks
Novelty thigh high socks for women and girls are made in a large variety of colors and designs.
Thigh high socks are great to stay warm. They are also a fantastic fashion statement. Try wearing these tall socks with different lengths of boots. These long socks can also be worn with short skirts and shorts. Above the knee socks are a fantastic way to add style to clothes you already have in your closet. Wear thigh high socks with a long tunic and leggings, for a trendy layer look.
Browse this selection and choose from the bold colors and zany patterns of novelty thigh high socks for women and girls. Check out the deep purple, bright orange, crimson red, bright green, and hot pink combined with deep black stripes or more subdued background colors like periwinkle, neutral white, medium pink and turquoise In addition, you’ll find an array of unique patterns ranging from skull and crossbones to peace signs. Fabric content is a combination of elastane and polyester. These socks are available in one size fits most.
For a hot date, colorful heart-shape designed socks may be the ticket. Large heart-shapes in a wide variety of colors cover these socks from the ankles to the top cuff. They are available in one size fits most. Fabric content is a combination of elastane and polyester.
Color yourself stylish in the flirty, fun and fantastic colors of  novelty thigh high socks for women and girls.
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