You’ll love novelty toeless socks. What a great idea for a lot of great occasions. These novelty socks without toes are sometimes called spa socks or pedicure socks – designed to keep your feet toaty warm while your toes are being pampered and love. They are also referred to as dance socks, pilates socks and yoga socks. They keep your feet warm while your toes are better able to stretch and grip. The popular “performance” version of toelss socks have soles that are slip resistence to help you maintain your balance and stability while in motion or holding a posture whether you’re on a the bare floor or mat. Other novelty toeless socks are just the right accessory for a super-heroine costume or those special pajamas that don’t have feet but just need a whimsical accessory.

The price is reasonable and the quality is tops with these innovative socks. Usually a cotton/polyester/spandex blend is used for socks without toes. A ribbed leg band keeps the socks in place. Spandex is added to keep the heel of the sock in place and prevent the sock itself from bunching up.
All five toes are comfortably separated so the area between the toes is less likely to cause friction or cause your toes to become irritated or blistered A double-layered welt band can help keep the socks in place and also provide a snug, comfortable fit. These toeless socks also come with a gentle arch support that has been shown to increase healthy circulation of the feet.
Toeless socks come in many different styles, materials and colors. How about some fashionable and trendy lace top toeless socks? Lacy crocheted toeless knee socks are all the fashion-forward rage when worn with open toed shoes. The stretchy white nylon lace stays in place and draws the eye downward to a cute black patent leather open toed pump. It’s an innocent yet provocative style and these whimsical socks complete the look.
Another great look for the toeless socks is the warm and cozy hand-crocheted sock.  The sky is the limit as far as color, design and style go for these ever-popular foot-hugging warmers. These socks are not only great when getting a little foot TLC, or participaing in physical activities, but they are also just the thing ,when it’s a little chilly, to keep your feet warm in bed and still give your toes wiggle room under those covers.
Remember to take good care of these hand-crafted socks. They’ll probably need to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Don’t put them in the dryer or your new knitted socks might soon be the right size for the baby. And by the way, you’ll find toeless sock that can be purchased in just the right size for babies, toddlers and young children too.
Novelty toeless socks make the perfect gift for you, a friend or family member.

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